7 Steps to Remove Floor Tiles

1.    Preparing something

A.    Protective suit is necessary, because remove tiles can cause injuries and dust. The protective including working gloves, long sleeve shirt, pants, knee pads, protective eyewear, duct mask and closed-toe shoes.

B.    Hammer or mallet. I prefer to use mallet, because it is lighter and smaller sound when hitting the chisel.

C.    2 Chisels. One is 1 inch wide and another is 2 inch wide or wider.

D.   Floor scraper

E.    Broom and vacuum cleaner

F.     Time and patience, although removing the tile is not skill working but it will take some time, so please make sure you have enough time to do this job.

2.    If your plan is installing new tiles only, I suggest cove the wall and ceiling with plastic as well as the ceiling light, fan and anything stay in the room otherwise the dust will be next hard working.

3.    Everything is ready, now let’s begin. First of all, it is better to find out some tiles that have chipped or are cracked at the edges. If you find out some tiles are coming loos, well, congratulation, you find the easiest removing tile already. If your old tiles quality is great, there isn’t chipped or loose grout, you can start from one tile at the end of floor, loosen it or break it.

4.    Situate the chisel under the tile at an angel of about 30°, hitting the chisel with the hammer or mallet gently, and when the chisel embedded into the tile a little, hitting the chisel harder and harder till the tile left the ground. Maybe the tile does not come off in one solid piece, but your purpose is removing and you achieve it. After removing pieces of tiles, I am sure you can do it easier and faster because now you have experience.

5.    After removing all tiles, it is time to scrape off the adhesive. It is necessary, because the old adhesive will affect the new tiles quality so try your best to remove it, leaving a thin layer is no problem, I know it is impossible to remove the adhesive completely. OK, now, using the wider chisel, do it same as removing the tiles.

6.    Everything is going well, after scraping off the adhesive the next step is smooth the floor, this is for new tiles installing. Using the floor scraper smooth out the any rough patches resulting from the tile or grout.

7.    OK, after scrap off the adhesive, the job almost finish, now clean the old tiles by broom and clean the dust by vacuum cleaner.

 The job finish now, of course if you want to do it faster power tool such as rotary hammer with floor scraper will be a good choice but it will take some money. Save money take time or save time take money it is up to you. I hope this post is helpful for you.  




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