How to Install Floor Tiles

Compare with removing floor tiles installing floor tiles is a complicated job because installing floor is not a moment working, you must ensure that the tile can be used for several years, couple of ten years or more without any quality problem.

Although it is complicate job but if you master the skill, it will be a snap. There are some tips about the installing tiles that help you to avoid some mistake especial the freshman who install the tiles first time.

1.    Protective gear is necessary.

The protective gear is very important when installing the tiles, because throughout the process you will be exposed to cement, lime and dust which probability to burn your skin or injury your eyes. So please wear protective eyewear, duct mask,

waterproof working gloves, long sleeve shirt, pants, knee pads, and closed-toe shoes.

2.    Cement board

Don’t install the tile directly on the subfloor, it is not good way because the subfloor won’t adhere to the tile as cement board will. So first of all, you should install the cement board and fixed on the subfloor with screws. In addition, if you install bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles, please use the moisture proof mortar. After finishing cement board installing, please clear the board complete so as for the tiles can maximum adhere to the cement board.

3.    Hold on, it is not the time to install tiles yet. We must layout the tile to make decision that where you should start, how many piece tiles you should cut off and the size you need, if there are pattern on the tiles, which decide you are prefer to, layout in different way, take photos and choose the best one. It seems wasting time but without this step, you can not repeat again once there is something wrong when installing tiles.

Most of people prefer to layout the tile from the center of the room, you know when entry a room, what you will focus on is the center area but not the edge, so make a nice effect on the center of room is great idea.

After deciding the effect, mark the tile with number 1,2,3,4…or alphabet A, B C, D…to avoid any default.

4.    Now you have some information in your mind such as the effect you want to reach, how many piece tiles should be cut off and the size you need, so it is the time to install tiles.

The procedure is below:

A.    lay down the tile cement

B.    Put the tile on the cement

C.    Hit the whole tile gently with the rubber mallet to make the tile bond with cement.

D.   Put a grout spacer at every corner pf the tile

E.    Repeat from A to D again till complete installing tile

There are two requirements about the time.

First, in order to make the cement tile stick enough, it should be left for 15 minutes before using,

Second, you should try your best to layout more tile cement in 10 minutes, because it is very easy to harden.

5.    After install all tiles, we almost finish, the final job is grout which is simple step, I think it is unnecessary to write down on this post., but pay attention that when you finish all steps, don’t walk on the tiles until 72 hours later.

I believe, the case will go smoothly if you pay attention to the detail.

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